Diet Terminator Workshops

The "NON-DIET" approach to reach and maintain your ideal weight

"I love this program and wanted to use it to help my clients and all those that do not have a healthy relationship with food! "  Connie Warden 

The Diet Terminator program was founded by Sheri Mittico a personal trainer and entrepreneur.  After years of yo-yo dieting herself she learned a way that helped her maintain an ideal weight, eat in a way that fit her lifestyle and stop dieting all together.  Shari says  "I created the Diet Terminator program from the tools I used myself to break free from my 18 year yo yo diet struggle and how I have helped hundreds of others do the same". 

We turn to food for many reasons - comfort, distraction, and some foods simply make us feel good.  Over the years, these eating behaviors have simply become habitual.  Until you learn how to change these eating behaviors - you will continue to be frustrated and stuck on the diet roller coaster.
Did you know that diets fail 98% of the time?  

The Diet Terminator program is a comprehensive program that will guide you out of the patterns of overeating and bring you into real, long term weight loss.  Once new and healthy patterns with food are created, keeping the weight off is EASY.

Program Benefits:
  • Break free from the chains of dieting and the grip food has on you!
  • End the constant distraction of food and your weight
  • Eat like a normal person - NOT just when others are watching you
  • No more reaching for food to soothe:  emotions, stress, boredom, etc.
  • Easily drop the excess weight because you are naturally eating as you know you “should”
  • Have one size clothes in your closet that fit—EVERYDAY
  • Become comfortable and confident in your body
  • Be more present and connected in your relationships
  • Regain your zest for life because you are living it without the distraction and shame of the yo yo diet cycle and are doing things you LOVE

Program Details:

Module 1:
Understanding the eating behaviors that have kept you stuck on the diet roller coaster and how to manage them – stress eating, boredom eating, emotional eating, over eating, compulsive snacking, binge eating, and so many more.  You will also learn how diets have simply intensified these behaviors making it more difficult for you to break free from them.

Module 2:
The good news is that these eating patterns are simply that – habits and all habits can be changed!  We will go through my no fail formula on how to change your habits as quickly and painlessly as possible.  Leaving these unhealthy eating behaviors behind is a huge piece of yoyo diet puzzle and creating a healthy relationship with food so that the excess weight simply falls off as you begin to eat healthier and in the right amounts.

Module 3:
Experience an amazing exercise to release the grip food has on you on a subconscious level and bring this into the forefront so you can simply let it go and move out of the cycle - putting it behind you and making room for how you want to eat.

Module 4:
Create your personalized healthy habit routine - your new and healthy life becomes effortless once your new habits are established.
You will know how to:

  • Eat normally and healthfully WITHOUT dieting
  • Enjoy treats and still lose weight
  • Simple stress reduction and emotion management strategies so you won’t even be tempted by the food
  • I’m also giving you my personal secrets on how I got to my current weight without dieting and have stayed this size for over 10 years

Module 5:
I know what you’re wondering how you’re going to keep up what you've learned after completing the program.

Don’t worry – I've got that covered for you too.  You will leave class with your personal daily step by step guide so you can easily follow through with grounding your new habits for long term success beyond this class.  There will also be an opportunity to get all the accountability and support you need to ground your new habits

Diet Terminator Workshops are held at:
Jefferson Building
7220 W. Jefferson Ave.  Ste 218
Lakewood, CO  80235

Out of the area?  
Fly in for your personalized Diet Terminator program/workshop or meet with Connie via Zoom from anywhere in the world.

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